Glossary of Terms

Pool Pumps

Pool Pumps provide the necessary water flow to circulate the water in your swimming pool and feed water to the filter. Pumps come in many different sizes and are designed for specific applications such as Above Ground Pools, In-ground Pools, On-ground Pools, and Commercial Pools.

Pool Filters

Filters are another essential component of your swimming pool. Pool Filters remove waterborne contaminants that can affect water quality. The two types of filters that are predominant is Canada are; Sand Filters, and Paper Cartridge Systems. These systems are available in different sizes and must be matched to your specific application in order to function effectively.

Pool Heaters

Heaters provide all the heat your swimming pool needs to stay comfortable deep into the colder months, giving you more time to enjoy your pool. There is a large selection of types from which to choose. There are Propane or Natural Gas Swimming Pool Heaters, Solar Heaters, Heat Pumps, Geothermal, and even Electric Heaters.

Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaners are machines that automate the process of vacuuming your swimming pool. There are three main types of swimming pool robots; Suction side pool cleaners, Electric Pool Robots, and pressure side cleaners. Each type comes in multiple versions designed specifically for the size, shape and type of pool.

Pool Automation

Pool automation systems have been designed to increase the control that a swimming pool owner has over the function of their pool. These systems allow you to manage when the pool filters, when it heats, when it cleans, when it chlorinates, when the lights turn on and off, when the water falls or other features turn on and off, etc.

Pool Salt Systems, UV Systems, Ionizers, and Ozone Systems

Pool Sanitization Systems and Chemical Reduction Systems have been designed to reduce the amount of chlorine that needs to be manually introduced into the swimming pool water. These machines can all help in the management of your water, but a careful consideration of each type must be performed in order to determine which is right for you.

Pool Covers

Pool Covers protect your pool from a variety of threats, such as UV rays, rain, snow, falling leaves and preventing people from falling into it. Solar covers keep your pool chlorine safe as well as retain heat, while winter covers effectively seal your pool while it is closed, making spring opening much easier. Safety covers also provide the benefits of a winter cover for in-ground pools, but are made of much stronger material and solidly anchored to the surrounding pool deck to prevent anyone from accidentally falling into the closed pool.

Pool Liners

Pool Liners are the material that is draped into the swimming pool form in order to hold the water in all above ground, and many inground swimming pools. Without a liner, any water you pour into the pool would quickly be absorbed through the ground or leak out from under the walls. Liners are now available in many colors and patterns and are custom built to match your specific pool shape and size.

Pool Ladders

Pool Ladders give swimmers a safe, easy way to get into and out of your pool, helping to prevent any slipping accidents. They come in several sizes and types to fit your pool whether inground or above ground.

Pool Steps / Entry Systems

Pool Steps / Entry Systems are the easiest and safest way for swimmers to enter and exit your swimming pool, requiring much less effort than ladders. Pool Steps are available in many different sizes, widths, and color to best match your pool type and style.

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