At Carefree Pools, we have many different products, like pool cleaning supplies, chemicals and many others. Contact us to see if we have what you are looking for.

Chemicals Available

Carefree Pools carries a wide selection of chemicals for pools, spas and hot tubs. We are a proud supplier of the Independent Pool Group line of products.

Pool Chemicals - IPG Products

Pool and Spa Sanitizers (Chlorine, Pucks, etc.)

Carefree Pools Chemicals Pool and Spa Sanitizers - Aqua Foot

Pool Algicide

Carefree Pools Pool Algicide - Algi-Pro

Pool Cleaners

Carefree Pools Pool Cleaner - Amaze

Pool and Spa Balancers (pH minus, Alkilinity Plus, etc.)

Carefree Pools Pool and Spa Balancers - Alkalinity Plus

Pool Salt

Carefree Pools Pool Salt - Salt Shock

Pool Maintenance

Carefree Pools Pool Maintenance - Sparkle

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